Day 166 | Kookaburra Backpackers, Katherine: hey, I can have the luxury of the occasional bed

33 km | Heading west total: 7,244 km

I had left my bike with trailer and all my bike gear with the national park rangers in their conference room while I went camping for a couple of nights.

When I came back I noticed that the waterproof bag for my computer and electrical bits (and lunches) had a couple of munches in it. They are pretty big rats up here. Actually the bag had been attacked as deep as the case for my computer: that case had a chunk out of it as well.

Somehow I wasn’t convinced the conference room rodent security needed rethinking. I recalled a strange episode the night before I left where in the middle of the night I heard one of the ‘backpacker-style’ vans door slide open and then there was some messing around with my pack. I was startled enough to turn the torch on and start abusing the backpacker. Somehow the sound changed to munching but I guessed it was just one of those Agile wallabies chewing on the grass near the tent that I’d seen earlier in the evening.

I now believe that errant marsupial was attacking the bag with its razor sharp gnashers.

Well, fortunately it can be patched.