Day 287 | lazy day to The Gorge at Coolgardie: I was to Coolgardie by 10 am and managed another 3 km

46 km | Heading west total: 13,605 km

There were two choices: directly south through Kambalda a recent mining town, or, a minor detour through Coolgardie, the old gold mining centre.

Well, I couldn’t detour around the site of Australia’s biggest ever goldrush, pretty late in the proceedings really considering it was in the 1890s.

It’s actually amazing that it took so long to stumble across the riches because gold has subsequently been a huge part of Western Australia’s wealth. Coolgardie was huge for a short while but the building legacy is still there at least with the more substantial buildings. There’s two humungous pubs across the road from the Post Office and Court House. The road is of sufficient width to turn a camel train, ie, bloody wide.

But there wasn’t much activity when I pulled through on a Sunday morning.

At least the roadhouse did a substantial brekkie.