Day 296 | luxury at Orleans Bay caravan park: I've hit the ocean again

59 km | Heading west total: 14,210 km

Round and round the mulberry bush.

This week I’ve been following the bizarre exit of Malcolm Turnbull as leader of the Federal Liberal party. The first leader in Australian political history to be dumped for insisting that the party should follow what had been the party’s policy as taken to the last election. That’s the third leader since Howard was given the boot less than 3 years ago.

By day’s end the Senate’s continual insistence for rejecting the Carbon Pollution Reduction Bill, that it should be delayed until after Copenhagen, had itself dissolved: under Tony Abbot the Liberals would reject the bill whatever happened.

We now have the absurd situation of the massively unelectable leader of the free market party insisting on massive Government regulation rather than a market solution to CO2 emissions.


I just don’t get it.

Speaking of mulberries I did find a rather big bush outside the Condingup Tavern when I cruised in this morning. It was hugely laden with smallish but very ripe berries. No scurvy this week: my hands, face and teeth were stained black with the sweet juice.

It was a bit reminiscent of my ex-partner’s son Adam’s famous zombie attack, (juice flowing freely from his gob with eyes rolling back), when we found a 130 year old Mulberry tree on Kangaroo Island on our Christmas holidays almost 3 years ago.

Looks like the zombies have taken over the Opposition benches in parliament this week.