Day 0 | it's 46.4ºC, (that's 115.5° Fahrenheit): Last day in Melbourne

0 km | Heading west total: 0 km

Don’t know why I had the urge to get into town.

Maybe it was the thought of some air conditioning. I’m not fiddling with David and Chris’s system where I’ve been staying.

Like many people I had a sense it couldn’t be that hot, or that windy, despite what the forecast was. After all yesterday was almost still and only got up to 25°C.

Then why was I the only one in Swanston Street?

In the shade it was bearable although I realised that I wasn’t sweating: I was dry before any dampness got to my skin. But turn the corner and the wind was … hairdryer material, well actually more the full body dryer. Not that I’ve had much experience of hairdryers recently.

The winds in town were fearsome unlike last week where with 3 days over 40° in a row it was pretty calm. It felt like the skin was being stripped from the flesh.

Despite the heat I headed back: there was plenty to do for the last day in civilisation. I was biking down Dynon Road when the ‘cool’ change hit. From 45° to 28° all in a gust of southerly wind.

I could sweat properly again.