Day 403 | 105 nights: the joys of Espie yet again

56 km | Heading west total: 14,387 km

Finally moving on from Esperance after 105 nights.

That’s pretty close to the time taken to ride from Kununurra to Esperance. 15 weeks.

Well, I started by needing a rest to make a physical recovery, in the end it turned into something I’ve never managed to do at any stage of my life: slow down enough to have a decent summer break. Always to restless to sit still.

Andrew Bain in his book Headwinds, Something and Marsupials found little of consequence in Esperance when he arrived with his partner after crossing the Nullabor as part of his 15 month circuit of Oz back in 2001. The much vaunted beach was covered in seaweed. I guess it is just across the road from the biggest caravan park in town. Mate, as with much of the best bits of Australia you have to make a little effort.

I’ve banged on endlessly about the merits of my stay.

Day one riding into town down that long flat beach; the two gals in frocks pedalling in much to my surprise; chatting to Doris and Matthius, now long gone over the Nullabor; the ride over to Frenchman’s Peak and swimming at Hellfire Beach, (although not that long ride/walk back); heading back there again with Marius, Marion and Antonio; hanging out with Antonio; Jerry and reheated cuisine; conversations with Chris and Rob in the boy’s workshop, umm, smoking room; Ernest the South African; Dave the surfer; Tim; and the day out on bikes with Harry. The three times a week ride to Twilight and returning in fading light; dolphins at West Beach and sharks at Twilight. Some friendly locals Jan, Jan and Jan (at one stage I thought all women in this town were called Jan), Jo, Rae and Kerrie. Sitting in the library moving my blog to CGOAB.

Yes, indulgent, but this entry’s for me today.