Day 432 | Malcolm McDonald Rest Area just north of Northcliffe: another bush camp deep in the woods

53 km | Heading west total: 15,509 km

Since getting through Walpole it’s been Big Tree Forest Country.

The Karri trees are the third tallest in the known universe I’m told, measuring up to about 90m high. (Is that as high as a 27 storey building?) In my opinion there’s no disgrace with their bronze medal.

This territory is great roller coaster riding and I’ve pealed off the highway again to avoid the traffic. It’s beautiful rainforest and I guess there’s equal emphasis on the rain part of that equation.

The gale force winds on the coast have persuaded me to drop Windy Harbour from my itinerary and head straight for more big trees via Pemberton. Then another 3 day cross country to Augusta and the south west corner of the continent.

Hopefully the rain will stop momentarily and I will be able to enjoy watching the Indian Ocean crash into the Southern Ocean.

Lots of trees, and more roller coaster, to experience prior to that.