Day 429 | Denmark/ Nornalup Rail trail: my own non highway trail

46 km | Heading west total: 15,337 km

Rain, rain, rain.

Most of the day. All those cartoon clouds, Simpsons style, in an immense blue sky for months on end are vague and distant memories.

OK, so it wasn’t always warm out there at night in the desert but at least it was dry. No rain to speak of from Alice to just south of Wiluna, that was more than 5 months and over 8000 km, (5000 miles).

Only in the last month since leaving Esperance has there been showers, or misty drizzle. Warm enough but the dampness eventually penetrates.

Today, it might have already been mentioned, was seriously wet, at least on a few occasions. And the thermostat has been turned right down.

Somehow there was always some shelter at hand, a shop verandah, a picnic table under a roof, the Denmark library.

I’m thinking there will be days this autumn as I head to Perth where that handy roof just won’t be around.

My enthusiasm for life on the bike may then start to dilute.