Day 215 | on the banks of the Pentecost River: on quite some deserted road

45 km | Heading west total: 9,627 km

Yes, another dirt road: the Kurunji Track.

This started as a trip into the great unknown as several local people had told me various stories about it.

It was closed.

No, it wasn’t closed that was the King River Road.

It was open but you couldn’t camp along it.

The gates were locked.

The gates weren’t locked.

The landholder was a madman who patrolled it in his helicopter. He was particularly aggressive. He had set fire to some local’s 4WD.

The police sergeant yesterday had the definitive information finally.

The track is open. It’s a stock route meaning that you could camp anywhere along it. But the landholder had indeed stepped over the boundary with the car incineration. He’d now calmed down a bit. The road was spectacular. There was some sand towards the end but in his opinion that’s what makes it a decent challenge.

At least the copper had some idea.