Day 451 | Near Donnybrook: munching on muesli for dinner due to a water shortage

43 km | Heading west total: 16,251 km

The wheels are falling off this expedition.

Well that long anticipated sudden removal of the trailer wheel finally happened although it wasn’t on one of those speedy descents. Just bumped off on one of those, umm, bumps.

The list of broken bits is lengthening as the distance remaining is decreasing.

My 2.5 litre water bottle detached from its perch on a pannier today on a stretch of single track where I was having too much fun to notice. I broke one of the zippers to the tent a couple of nights ago. The tent floor is completely unwaterproof and I’m now having second thoughts in finding a replacement due to the slightly too short length. The sleeping mat has a growing bubble smack in the middle and I’ll have to make use of that lifetime warrantee. The Bob bag leaks due to the numerous holes that the gaffer tape no longer waterproofs. The bottom of the trailer has half fallen out and is held together by cable ties. Ergon grips, almost gone. Bike shorts, ditto. I’ve been wearing my sandals every day since Adelaide, now 14 months ago, and they will be traded in when I get to Perth. I’ve been trapped in the middle chain ring for the main hilly territory of the trip but have still survived.

I could go on but the transcontinental journey is only a couple of weeks from its conclusion and I can hear everyone saying well what do you expect?

I’d rather rave on today about how much I’ve enjoyed the Munda Biddi Trail so far.

Lots of single track today with much of the time wondering where the route lay ahead. Just crash through the shrubbery. No wonder I didn’t notice when the water dropped off.

The surface is a little sandy in places for my taste but I’ve ridden the lot and haven’t yet fallen off.

It’s just been heaps of fun.