Day 298 | 24 km along the beach to Esperance: maybe the best day's riding ever

48 km | Heading west total: 14,331 km

There are memorable days in your life where you can just relax, revel in the moment: having the realisation that this is a very special day.

Today, all the hard work of this erratic ride came together.

There is the certainty that civilisation and a long break from arse touching leather all day are not far away. Empty the mind and relish the experience.

I tested the solidity of the sand on the beach last night, seemed ok.

I was up and away very early, no wind and a mostly firm surface.

A great little adventure, after all I’d only heard that it was possible to ride the 24 km down the beach 3rd hand. No one had actually done it, they’d just heard of someone who had been told by someone else.

Today was just sheer joy for, well, almost 3 hours.