Day 61 | Pine Flat, Moralana Scenic Drive: slowly does it

44 km | Heading west total: 2,249 km

Fortunately I haven’t been required to drink bore water yet.

The 10 litre bladder I bought in Adelaide was finally filled up with rainwater in Hawker, (nothing like carrying 10 extra kilos on the tough parts of the track). I’ve always been carrying about 5 litres in various accessible bottles on the bike and trailer which by itself should be enough to last 24 hours or so.

Consumption may go up if it gets dramatically hotter or I decide I have to pedal for 6 or 7 hours a day. But overall I’m now with me bladder I’m carrying enough clean water to last for 3 nights camping out if I was careful. You just don’t want to run out of water out here but I guess it’s possible to flag down a passing car if I got desperate.

One caravanner I spoke to had 400 litres carrying capacity. Man, that’s a lot of excess weight to truck around.

I’m not yet drinking out of the cattle troughs.