Day 205 | over to Jarnum, Keep River NP: as the temperature continues to hover around 40ºC

22 km | Heading west total: 9,293 km

Not much riding today, I basically changed campsites.

And spent a lot of time in the shade at an old aboriginal campsite at Jinumum.

There’s some art in the area, the best of which is these big serpents. I haven’t seen real snakes for a while.

The battle line with the poisonous cane toads is just east of Kununurra now so the large reptiles in this area have been quite recently decimated. Judging by what is happening at Kakadu it takes at least 5 years for the reptiles to start to return in any numbers after the initial toad invasion. Frankly it’s no surprise I don’t mind not seeing them.

There will be plenty of those nasty brown snakes now I’m over that toad line.