Day 53 | Quorn for the day: rumbling on

73 km | Heading west total: 2,052 km

Is this some April Fool Day joke?

Fortunately not much of the Mawson has been like this: ie, soft red soil with fist-sized rocks. It’s the first time I actually had to push the bike downhill, if only for a few hundred metres.

Down the hill and into Quorn I met a couple who are travelling around Australia in a caravan. It took them 2.5 years to get out of Queensland. They have been going for another 2 years since then. But while I’m travelling slowly I don’t think I’ll follow their example in procrastination.

On the Mawson Trail, Quorn is the spot where you change to the last packet of maps, umm, that’s moving from map 12 to the last 6 maps. I don’t know that I’m needing to speed up over this section as this will be pretty scenic: the Warren Gorge is only 25km out of Quorn.

After that there is only the small town of Hawker before I get to Wilpena. Then it’s a mere 65km to Blinman. Alistair back at Off the Edge in Melrose says it’s much more dramatic scenery to come.

No need to hasten too much.