Day 255 | Murlamunyjunha/Crossing Pool: and I avoid more traffic by ignoring the road closed sign

254 km | Heading west total: 11,707 km

OK, it sounds a bit dumb to be heading away from the coast.

It would surely be cooler progressing along there. And there’s an amazing piece of coast from Exmouth south including Ningaloo Reef which you can snorkel to directly from the beach.


Well there are 2 reasons. Firstly, there are daily gale warnings for the coast and some travellers have said that it’s pretty unpleasant on the beach currently.

Secondly, the road from about 500 km from Perth gets ridiculously busy with bulk heavy vehicles, tourists etc on a narrow road with no shoulder. The Great Northern is a great road I’m told and I can meander off to Kulikup which is on my shortlist of future destinations. My mother lived there for a few years when she first went to school.

That seems a vague enough reason in itself.

Wonder where it is?