Day 459 | Dandalup Shelter Munda Biddi Trail: sharing with a group from a private school

38 km | Heading west total: 16,556 km

Strange the things you remember from a trip.

The water “that smelt like poo” at Yarri Shelter, the obliteration of track markers north of there. And the excited sir, Sir, SIR!!! of the 13 private school youths tonight. Better add the ceaseless rivers of pea gravel.

The big and beautiful shaggy grey barked jarrah trees rounds out the Top 5.

11th day on the Munda Biddi today and it’s the same old chorus: great regrowth forest, more up and down tracks.

The last 200m to this shelter were as steep as anything to date. I unclipped the panniers to make some, any, progress and they just rolled downhill a way. Came back and retrieved them once the wrestle with the bike and trailer was complete for the day.

The view was astonishing.

Away in the distance, 300m below, the Indian Ocean was shining. Later as the sun retreated for the day the sky turned orange through green, the smog of Perth is close.

Not a cloud in the sky, the stars shine brightly.

It’s just that incessant sir, Sir!