Day 17 | the back roads to Pritchards: and I avoid the highway for another day

98 km | Heading west total: 702 km

Today was the test of “Moderate Effort.”

First, a trip to the gannet colony down at Point Danger. I could spend all day watching their graceful soaring but after an hour I thought I’d better head off. Then down to Point Bridgewater where there were more wind turbines and a petrified forest.

At 3pm having gone 40km I thought I’d better get a wriggle on.

I spotted a dashed road on the map that headed the right direction.

This 4WD only track had me sweating though the backblocks and it was 7pm by the time I made it out to the main road. (What thoughts had I had about sand roads only a week ago?) I powered down the highway with only B doubles filled with pine chips to keep me company until I struggled into Pritchards campsite at the Glenelg River about 8pm.

But this sort of meandering day sure beats heading straight from one location to the destination.

I’m learning I ain’t an A to B type kinda guy.