Day 82 | warm spa in Coward Springs: 2 million year old water meets a smelly bloke

42 km | Heading west total: 2,943 km

If you make plans, well, you can always change them.

Yesterday’s plan was for a 60 km minimum today to even out the length of days to hit William Creek. But I mucked around at the abandoned Curdimurka railway station for a couple of hours.

And why not?

A desalination tower for the old Ghan railway line was interesting, and I wandered over to the 433 m long 1888 railway bridge about a km away. The surprise there was that out in this desolate country there was a fair lake of salty water under the bridge. A small plane landed in the dust and after a while took off again.

When I rolled into Coward Springs the thought of sitting in a spa in the 26°C natural springs was irresistible. What’s the rush?

And that’s how I ended up sharing a warm spa pool with a policeman.