Day 151 | Limestone Gorge, Gregory NP: nothing like a road closed sign to have a campground to myself

38 km | Heading west total: 6,813 km

Croc warnings abound in these more low lying parts.

The freshwater ones are considered harmless. That breed might have sharp teeth but they are pretty reticent.

It’s the salties, or estuarine saurians that are the trouble. They even have a sign up warning not to swim in the billabong here.

I’m not entirely convinced by these salties being so far inland. My argument is that they need some major biomass in the waterholes to survive and any big fish need lots of small fish to eat. I reckon that it’s highly improbable to meet one so far from a decent sized river where there is the required fishy bulk.

But then again, if you do happen across a stray it will probably be very hungry.