Day 270 | near Gascoyne River, south branch: there's 2 nights out without water replenishment

114 km | Heading west total: 12,597 km

Someone stopped for a chat today out in the middle of not much and said I needed my head read to be doing what I was.

Funny thing is that after my breakup with my partner for the previous 4 years this time last year I was heavily into once a week psychological sessions. Why not when the Victorian government pays for 12 sessions a year.

There was plenty to get through: the chopping and changing of residence and school. It’s really a bit complicated. I attended 6 or so schools (and have degrees from 4 universities). There’s certainly a fair bit to get through there just with the background. Some normal family complications. And a few extra.

The psychologist provided the space to let me talk about this all: she didn’t offer much in the way of commentary. But if that’s the case why bother going along.

I’d been to see a counsellor some years before during the breakup of my previous relationship: he concluded I was the sanest person he had ever counselled.

Not sure about that but I’m not convinced much more is to be gained by continuing with a talking cure now we had churned through that wodge of material.