Day 149 | Top Humbert Yard: another day, another little issue

rest day

I’ve been pretty rough on the old bike.

It is 8 years, after all, since I got it in a swap from the witch who ran the bike shop up the road in Victoria Street for a while. At the time I didn’t think it was such a good deal but in retrospect any cash would have been long spent by one of my partners and at least I’ve had a decent ride to date.

The frame snapped on the chainstay back on the Tanami after some rough unsealed road treatment and there has been the odd chain break, etc, along the way.

In the Gregory I’ve really tackled all but the roughest parts of the track with the bike and trailer gung ho. I’ve attempted to ride almost everything.

I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve had another part break yesterday. Two spokes have ripped a bit out from the rear hub leaving me with only 34 operational. That’s not terminal. In fact there’s not much wobble to the wheel so I’ll just keep riding, perhaps slightly more circumspectly in the future, until I get to somewhere I can get it replaced, probably Darwin.

Fingers crossed.