Day 58 | sickie in Hawker: say something, speak to me

Yet another rest day, or should that be my first sickie.

I guess that question of what to do if you don’t feel all that great hadn’t been thought through all that well. Do you retire to your tent for the day?

I should have known I was in trouble after I heard heard a sneeze by the barmaid when I was in the Intercontinental Hotel back in Quorn while ordering a schooner of beer. (Let me say the South Australian schooner is not the boatload of NSW proportions. It’s the same as a middy, or a pot in Victoria.)

The throat has been quite sore for a few days and this morning I found myself unable to talk. Not such a problem many would say but a certain lethargy has set in.

Despite the ‘rest’ days since I left Adelaide it has been almost constant whirring of those pedals for at least part of the day.

Hawker has free internet up at the high school library which I am able to access for up to 8 hours a day. It’s a sensible system to have the community library at the local school. (Wirrabara, a locality I zipped through a few days ago, didn’t have this system and instead had the mobile library every second Tuesday for an hour and a half.) I think I’ll wedge myself in here and see how I feel tomorrow morning.

It’s easier to be sick, I guess, in a room where there is a comfortable chair and no flies. Even the air conditioning is on.