Day 12 | easy cruise into Port Fairy after yesterday: now I'm going to hang around for a few days

13 km | Heading west total: 520 km

I’m happy.

For me a 13km bike ride is taking it really easy. My stuff is stashed in a couple of rear panniers and the trailer.

For others it takes a bit more.

At Johanna I spoke to a couple who had just embarked on their round Australia trip with a big 4WD towing a caravan. Coming down the coast from NSW they had bent a stabilising strut on the caravan. Having been made in Melbourne they took it into the manufacturer. Just stick it on the scales, they had some vehicle scales in the yard.

Car: 3.5 tonnes. Caravan: 4.5 tonnes.

That’s what it requires for complete happiness for some: me, I prefer sleeping close to nature.

At the Port Fairy campground there’s other examples of mobile joy.

Like a decent Winnebago.

Why not leave home when you can take it all with you? I’m told a small one starts at about $80k and they can get up to $400k. So I guess this one is pretty mid-range.

Not to be taken off the road: it might shake up the bubbly.