Day 56 | uphill to Wirreanda Creek: lobbing in a creek bed for the night

62 km | Heading west total: 2,141 km

Well, I haven’t made it to Hawker today.

Somehow, despite my reasonable map reading skills, it’s hard to make a judgement about how far it is to the next town using these maps. There isn’t a town to town guide for some reason. There is a rough distance guide that seems to be measured from the edge of the map but there is some overlap across the maps and even that differs from map to map.

OK. It’s not extraordinarily difficult.

The reality is I’m just not that concerned about where I end up.

This creek bed is not a bad spot. The River red gums are just magnificent and there are some red backed parrots jumping and squawking around. A few woolly merinos with immense curled horns are standing silently on the far bank and staring quizzically at me.

The temperature has dropped and it’s blowing a fair southerly. Daylight saving ends tonight. That means the sun will be setting just after 6pm and it will be dark at 6 30.

Suddenly it’s starting to feel like autumn.