Day 103 | just 3 blokes tredalling along: at Katapata Pass bushcamp for the night

55 km | Heading west total: 4,174 km

There was a funny moment last night when Chee and Ahn managed to dump much of their water supply for the next 3 days in the sand: the lid came off their main 10 litre water bladder.

Quite a serious look on their usually smiling faces after that.

Today drastic action was needed: let’s flag down a few passing 4WDers.

Ahn asked the first driver for water and was given a 500 ml bottle.


Not quite what was needed. But she must have got on the radio because we were offered water most of the morning by various passing drivers. One just handed out a full 1.25 l bottle to Ahn without saying a word.

The next was a gnarly Vietnam vet. He asked us how much was wanted.

Ahn rather meekly replied, “Half a litre?”

“Right boys!! I want to see ALL your empty bottles lined up HERE!! You can only have 60 litres.”

With that I got out a bottle even though I had plenty.