Day 48 | waiting at Hallett railway station: a second free bed for the night

42 km | Heading west total: 1,804 km

I think I may well be the heaviest (ie, slowest) ever over this Mawson Trail.

At least this morning I had the time for a chat to Arthur the farmer for almost an hour plonked in the middle of the track out in the middle of not much. We covered a few topics of mutual interest: winter barley cropping, roo shooting, the ease of servicing diesel engines, fencing, business clients, global warming, etc.

Strange things happen when you are on the road.

I was sitting in downtown Hallett (pop 80) scoffing some much needed nourishment after finishing most of my ride for today when another cyclist streamed past at speed without noticing me. He had a biggish pack on his back with a fair amount of gear in it, no panniers and a flyscreen head net on. It was quite a sight. He was heading along the same route I am going so maybe he was doing the Mawson as a lightweight. And at pace.

The hare and the tortoise.

I ain’t the hare.