Day 143 | Broadarrow Track turnoff: ie cranking along

98 km | Heading west total: 6,495 km

I picked up some water from Bunda Bore this morning. Despite the remote nature of this road finding water hasn’t been much of an issue.

I love the names of the bores shown on signs made from old windmill blades along the road, they tell quite a story. Divine; R & D; Bore ‘O’; Champagne; Racecourse; Rat’s nest; Charbray; LR …

For some reason I started to think about those walking huts on the north west circuit on Stewart Island in NZ and their whacky collection of names: Port William; Big Bungaree; Xmas Village; American River; Big Harry; East Ruggedy; Hellfire Pass; Masons Bay; Doughboy; Rakeahua; Fred’s Landing; Freshwater and North Arm.

No great pattern to any of the names, just good, if not forgotten, stories as to how they received them.