Day 449 | Bibilup Siding, Sidings Rail Trail: starting on the Munda Biddi Trail

36 km | Heading west total: 16,191 km

The last chunk of my transcontinental rampage is an off road mountain bike trail called Munda Biddi. One day it will stretch from Perth to Albany but currently only the 500km Perth to Nannup half is complete.

It was the Mawson Trail back out of Adelaide that really got my off highway attitude set. Rather than the increasingly busy highway run into Perth I can delay my arrival by a couple of weeks riding through more hills.

At this time of year it’s unlikely to meet many other bikes but you never know. The trail runs close or through a number of towns so it’s possible to resupply and there’s 7 purpose built camping shelters with water tanks along the way which I hope to use when I synchronise my distances with what is expected. I lashed out on the trail maps so I know what is ahead and around on these last days.

I’m hoping it’s the way to ease into Perth finally.