Day 161 | up to Nitmiluk National Park: home of the Katherine Gorge

33 km | Heading west total: 7,211 km

The show eventually wound down at 10 pm last night after about 1000 people had taken the No Limit ride. Gross: $15k. Not bad for a couple of day’s takings. One guy thought the rush was so intense he went 11 times.

Chop and the other boys immediately started dismantling No Limit and the other 12 sideshows. I headed off to bed but it was like sleeping in a ship building yard. Breaking up the 42 m high unit to fit on the 8 foot wide semitrailer took 7.5 hours.

Finally it was all quiet at 5 30 am.

At 6 00am all the truck diesel engines started up and the fleet headed off for Darwin.

Gee, after the sleepless night I was the last to leave.