Day 349 | rain forecast, but the sun shines on: heading off to Twilight Beach for the 13th time

Esperance Day 51

The weather forecast is for rain all weekend but no clouds have been sighted to date.

The evacuation here continues.

First Gerry, off for a job as a vegetarian cook at an upmarket eco resort near Margaret River. He’d asked me for dinner the night before his departure and we enjoyed delicious fish and chips: the fish from Chris’s endeavours up at the lake this morning; the chips, bought earlier in town, reheated in a frying pan on Gerry’s gas stove. We both squeezed our own small lake of tomato sauce over it all.

Then Marius heading off across the Nullabor and undeterred by his skin loss while spearfishing is intent on doing some close encounter White pointer observation from a wire cage somewhere along the route. I’d pass on that one on reflection.

Today’s escapee was Marion who has had 5 weeks here in paradise. I’ll miss our chatty breakfasts attempting to sort out our similarly rudderless lives verbally as we both pause at the crossroads, the horizon a bewildering array of roads and tracks disappearing quickly into the shrubbery. We seem unconcerned that we can’t see more than a month or two ahead in anything more than a murky outline.

Then I attempt to eliminate a wobble in the rear wheel that has been bugging me for weeks that finishes with me snapping the rear axle. Usually it’s a quick, cheap, replacement but mine is a specialised fitting that enables the attachment of the BoB trailer. I’m going to attempt to replace the broken part with something I’ve picked up along the way.

If the surgery fails it’s lucky something called the internet has recently been invented and I’ll only be trapped here until I can get a replacement sent from the USA.