Day 88 | stranded at Mt Sarah station: not much traffic out here, ie, none

58 km | Heading west total: 3,287 km

Some days you have bad luck. I’m 30 km up this side road which heads off to not much.

Humm. Breakdown.

This one is serious mum.

One of the main structural members for my BoB trailer snapped just as I was heading down a slight slope. No enormous pressure. Just decided that it had had enough. The load just flops around so I’m to be punished for so desperately overloading the poor beast. The trailer tube is a hard thing to repair without a welder and a reasonable level of skill.

I was travelling pretty well too. Now I’m doomed to either heading back to Oodnadatta which is, well, 58.4 km away or getting to Mt Sarah station where I visited last night on the mail run. That’s about 32 km in the other direction. I guess I’m hitch hiking with the bike and trailer whichever way I can.

Hummm, again. It seems any 4WDs have stopped early for the day. Nothing from 3 15 pm when the Bob broke until 8 pm.

I’m camped just off the road and will worry about it in the morning.