Day 75 | catch up at Iga Warta: hey, Ena's here

28 km | Heading west total: 2,614 km

There’s some situations you find yourself caught up in and wonder how it all happened.

I arrived at the aboriginal cultural camp at Iga Warta to find all but one from the community, an older woman S, had left for a funeral at Port Augusta. (A 12 year old boy had been killed when some teenagers drove a four wheel drive at great speed into a large tree.) Ena, the German cyclist I met in Quorn a while ago, has been Woofing here. (Working on organic farms in return for food and a bed.)

In front of me an argument about $100 that Ena had lent to a member of the community and was having problems getting it back sprang up. (That person who had left a few days ago was waiting for a much larger amount from someone else.) S was there alone and not coping too well with her solitude.

I wanted to talk to my fellow cyclist about Outback travel but when I came back S, thinking I was in cahoots with Ena, asked me to leave. OK, no worries, but it had started to rain. I got ready to leave. Then 2 Austrian tourists turned up, everything was patched up (with bit of work on my behalf).

Everything forgotten, I was invited to a large feed of delicious kangaroo stew by S.