Day 436 | Cresswell Road Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park: still out in the bushes

32 km | Heading west total: 15,693 km

Suddenly rolling along the roller coaster I spot the lighthouse. The meeting of the Southern and Indian Oceans, punctuated by the tallest lighthouse of the land.

I’ve reached Cape Leeuwin, the south west corner of Australia. Can go no further.

Well, I could but there will be a charge for the last few hundred metres. I could sneak around the security fence to save that entrance fee, it’s now a national monument complete with snappy cafe, but I can’t be bothered. Looks a similar story to the Cape Otway lighthouse I visited with my previous partner a few years ago: lighthouse keeper’s cottages, telegraph station now converted to museum.

I prefer the loneliness of the Indian Ocean rather than that cage of tourists as a venue to munch my lunch.

I’m at a point here just like reaching Darwin: there’s no more possibility of travel continuing in that direction. No further north for Darwin. Can’t go further west from here.

I can head north but it’s only temporary.

In another month I’ll be in Perth and having to find a new direction.