Day 441 | End of the Dunsborough Bike Trail at Toby's Inlet: how come it doesn't go all the way to Busselton

29 km | Heading west total: 15,809 km

A cold morning is a good sign, and the forecast proved true. Not a cloud in the sky, a perfect autumn day.

Coming over a rise into Yallingup on the coast I saw a huge mass move from the left to right side of my vision. Wow, walls of water were thundering across the Indian Ocean.

Man, those waves were 5m, at times with the odd peak a metre higher, I reckon.

There was a crowd out taking on all that H2O this crystal clear holiday weekend morning, with a shore crowd entranced because you have to have courage and skill to mix it with those 2 storeys of water moving in on you. I stood and watched from the point on the side as the riders wove in and out of the other heads for their 20 second maximum thrill.

I wouldn’t do it, too many big fish out there, I say to another onlooker. No way, they agree.

Mind you I still get my own thrill whipping above 45km/hour down a hill with that trailer on the back, eyes misting from the wind and desperate to keep my hat on my head while hoping that the bike holds together and that the trailer wheel doesn’t fall off at speed for a change.

No doubt I prefer to retain my feet on land.