Day 64 | up St Marys Peak: on a high

Easter Sunday, so about time for a rest day.

When you think of a rest day I guess you think of a rest. But it was just a rest for the biking muscles. It was a workout for the walking muscles instead.

Up one of the highest mountains in South Australia, St Mary’s Peak at about 1171m. But it’s not exactly Everest, it’s only the ninth highest hillock in the state.

The climb to Bengarra Saddle kept me occupied thinking where a particular photo was taken on the family holiday back in the seventies. But without the photo in my hand and with 35 years growth of the shrubbery it was hard to tell. I was also keen to work out where my siblings, P, C and me young teenagers all had ascended the peak in the days when there was a different marked route.

I do recall climbing along a perilous rock ledge for some distance and then able to be hang onto a length of Number 8 wire to stay safe where there was the bigger drop. When we got the other end I did notice that it wasn’t attached to anything in particular. Having attained the top we then returned via the track inside Wilpena Pound (about another 15km). I carried a short handled plastic travel bag with our lunch that Mum had made for us but I believe there was little supply of water remaining when we staggered back into the camp.

It was a lot easier 35 years later with a proper track designed for oldies and full water bottles.