Day 171 | on the dirt to Koolpin Gorge: and sliding my bike under the locked gate

34 km | Heading west total: 7,502 km

Occasionally you meet travellers who don’t suffer separation anxiety from their 4WD.

My observation after my now many months on the road is that many 4WD occupants find it hard to get out of the truck during the day, and don’t venture far from it when they stop.

I met a family (M and S) staying at the Koolpin Gorge campsite today who left Olinda near Melbourne a few weeks ahead of me and have not travelled that much faster (although they have headed up the east coast rather than going through the centre). They have a 11 year old (P) and 5 year old (I) but it doesn’t lead to excuses that stop them from doing interesting things along the way.

Today they spent 4 hours heading up to the 3rd gorge with the tribe. One of the joys of travel is to have these occasional exertions and not sit on your arse all day.

We chatted until 11 pm, way past my usual bedtime: they seemed as starved of intelligent conversation as me.