Day 419 | Cape Riche clifftop: a day in which he spends 3.5 hours in a shelter as the rain belts down

62 km | Heading west total: 14,953 km


Wow. Inspiring.

I sat on a windswept cliff overlooking a crashing ocean watching the sky light up from lightening flashes and feeling the ground shuddering once again from the thunder. I can’t say the sun was going down because it hadn’t been spotted all day.

I had rolled into the Cape Riche campground just after 5pm and the ranger, an older sympathetic bloke, said $5 but there’s no power at the moment in the camp. And no space for a bike on an Easter weekend. Plenty of space up there, he nodded his head back along the track.

It wasn’t what I’d been thinking after the tranquillity of Beaufort Inlet, and the previous 2 weeks, those ensconced campers were cheek by jowl, as they say, on the wet slopes of the campground.

I found a cliff top site and had the tent up just before the humungous deluge, lightening directly overhead for half an hour. I emerged as the rain ceased to watch my evening light and sound spectacular, now located over the ocean.

OK, so everything’s damp but the light show out over the bay really makes a trip like this worthwhile.