Day 180 | the Burdbulba campsite to myself: except for the natives

52 km | Heading west total: 7,904 km

Kakadu is pretty crowded with tourists: even the remote Koolpin Gorge campsite had a few adventurers.

Some campsites like Maguk were full.

Tonight I had a whole campsite to myself: the fact you have to ‘carry’ your camping gear over a low fence must put a few off. I was able to cruise straight in to my picnic table.

This is the first night I’ve had to myself since the Flora River road bushcamp 24 nights ago. That’s good.

What’s not so good is that I therefore had all those mozzies to myself. I retreated to the tent just after sundown and spent the next 15 minutes killing off those mozzies that had snuck inside. I’m ruthless in allowing myself as the only living thing allowed in the tent.

Ants, mozzies, snakes and spiders be warned.