Day 225 | not so Silent Grove campground: just too many generators. That's why I prefer to camp on my lonesome

52 km | Heading west total: 10,095 km

Spent most of the day at Bell Gorge.

What a great place, certainly the standout feature of the Gibb River Road so far. The waterfall still has a bit of water dropping, the pool at the bottom is deliciously warm. Bit of shade under the rock overhang to hide from the sun between bouts in the water. Actually the slime on the sloping rock in the pool was ridiculously slippery and it took a while to work out how to get out the first time around. It’s like an ice skating rink on a slope, except you fall in water not on ice.

Great fun mucking/slipping around.

During the 20 minute walk on the way out I met a couple from Germany who asked me whether it was worth seeing. (For me the trip to Bell had been a 60 km detour on a rough dirt road.) I ended up replying in my typical abstruse way: I said I once went to Paris and was at the airport and decided not to go into town because I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to see. They obviously couldn’t make anything of my little parable as I noticed that they just followed me out. Maybe the Germans just don’t get Paris either.

But if you can’t be bothered with the final 1% effort to get to places like Bell Gorge there’s really not much point in travelling in Outback Australia.