Day 192 | at Walker Creek, Litchfield NP: someone told me about this place about 6 months ago

17 km | Heading west total: 8,402 km

I’ve never considered that this trip has been to ‘find myself’.

I’ve always thought I had a clear idea of who I am.

Maybe there’s been times when I’ve felt that my life has veered from where I had imagined it might have been. After all, how had I ended up in the inner city for so many years doing work for the very rich? People with not just millions but tens of millions of bucks. At least I could understand doing my (very many) bathroom renovations for the elderly in the impoverished western suburbs.

It might surprise my family and friends but I think I’ve got the balance much better these days.

When I get sick of this travelling I hope I can get something to do that will be more in keeping with my own needs. I don’t think it will be going back to doing what I was doing for the last too many years. But I’m sure it will be interesting.

(You can do way too much deep thinking when you are out there on the road by yourself.)