Day 38 | Up a fire trail to Cudlee Creek: Day 1 on the Mawson and that's a hill

30 km | Heading west total: 1,425 km

Who would have thought that 2 hours after leaving downtown Adelaide I’d be doing the big push-a-thon. I’m not particularly unfit despite not having ridden much in the last week.

There are various efforts required in the walking the bike department depending on the steepness of the incline.

Stage One pushing is both hands on the handlebars, you could almost ride it.

Stage Two pushing is left hand on handlebar, right hand on the back of the seat with head approaching the handlebars.

Stage Three was encountered for the first time today. Left hand on handle bar, right hand lifting the trailer and head about the seat. It was 3 feet at a time on one short stretch.

No wonder I’m grinning.

I think I read Robinson Crusoe a few too many times as a child.