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cycle trails Australia

20 epic trails

Mawson Trail, SA
Munda Biddi Trail, WA
Cape York, Qld
Gibb River Road, WA
Kakadu National Park, NT
Tasmanian Trail, Tas
Oodnadatta Track, SA
Tanami Track, NT/WA
Great Central Road, WA/NT
Plenty Highway, NT/Qld
Karijini National Park, WA
Jutpurra (Gregory) National Park, NT
Mt Augustus, WA
South Coast, WA
Duncan Road, Buntine Highway, NT/WA
Mereenie Loop, NT
Finke Road, SA/NT
South Gascoyne, WA
Murray River, SA/NSW/Vic

off-road philosophy

slow travel
early biking history
many picture man
about your guide

trip planning

supported, or on your own?
group, the two of us or solo?
what to expect
where to ride
where to stay
where to stay for free
maps or GPS?
getting to the start
phones, technology

out on the road

how far?
camping out
road surfaces
flies and other annoyances
temperatures, rain
20 Questions
doing something else
too much sun

bike stuff

bike – various ideas
bike – mountain or touring
bike – tyres
bike – tubes
bike – seat
bike – straight, drop or butterfly
bike – gears
bike – brakes
bike – pedals
bike bits – bike computer
bike bits – mirror
bike bits – racks
bike bits – braze-ons, water bottles
bike bits – mudguards
panniers v trailer – a polite discussion
panniers v trailer – panniers
panniers v trailer – trailers
bike maintenance – breakdowns and tools
bike maintenance – tyres
bike maintenance – drive chain
bike maintenance – pumps
bike maintenance – punctures
bike maintenance – spokes
bike maintenance – chain
bike maintenance – cables
bike maintenance – catastrophe

other stuff

shelter – gotta sleep somewhere
shelter – tent
shelter – sleeping mat
shelter – sleeping bag
food – it’s an issue
food – what food to take
food – where to buy it
food – cookin’
water – it’s the outback
water – how much
water – where do you get it
water – carrying it
water – electrolytes
health – you are not a machine
health – medical equipment
health – hygiene stuff
health – showers
helmet + clothes – you need these
helmet + clothes – helmet or hat?
helmet + clothes – gloves
helmet + clothes – bike shorts
helmet + clothes – wet weather gear

bike touring blog: shows the daily blog links. There’s about 900 pages of blog documenting three trips.

zzOz: zig zagging eastwards back across Australia from Perth to Melbourne via various obscure Outback roads. A 17 month bike tour across the heart of Australia, later documented in zzOz zig zag across Australia.

Mundabiddi rollercoaster: A second look at the Munda Biddi Trail near Perth and some 3 dimensional huffing and puffing. A couple of hot weeks from when I lived in Perth that I wrote up in the ebook, Munda Biddi Roller Coaster.

Heading west: Melbourne to Perth is 16,731km? You betcha. Crossing the Australian continent east to west, over 15 months. My first multi-month bike tour, later documented in the ebook Heading West.