shelter - gotta sleep somewhere

In the city you can find a bed in a backpackers at around $25 to $30 a night. It’s nice to reward yourself with a bed once in a while.

There’s not too many comfortable motels with satellite TV out there in Whoop Whoop.

Oh, for $100 you can get a bashed about air tight, fully metal, compartment in a transportable shed with a power point and dodgy air conditioning unit (sounding like a jet engine taking off) that’s stationed out the back of a remote roadhouse.

That’s OK for the working types with an expense account but not a permanent option for those on a bike.

You carry your own accommodation and use it night after night.

A large, strong, pegless tent. A lightweight, compact, sleeping mat. A cosy sleeping bag for when you need it, and a sleeping sheet for when you don’t.

When you spend 6 hours a day trundling down a softish road into a slight headwind your body demands a chance for recovery.

You spend money on a decent, reliable, bike. Spend some on your shelter.

You deserve it.