food - cookin' (ie stoves)

Choice of stove really comes down to what types of fuel are commonly available in Australia.

Cookin’ with gas is convenient. Issue 1: the expensive canisters may/will be hard/impossible to find outside the larger towns. Number 2, you have to dispose of the empties.

At least with a Trangia meths is available at all outback shops and roadhouses. The issue here is the speed you can boil water. Not for the impatient at the end of a long day.

Kero, (kerosine), is usually available but it smells and smokes when it burns.

Shellite is available in larger towns for MSR Whisperlite and similar burners. It’s fast and furious, the best alternative to gas. With judicious use a litre lasts a couple of weeks. Some of the stoves that use Shellite can also use the cheap and ubiquitous unleaded petrol when the number one choice isn’t available. Petrol is more toxic.

When all else fails there’s always the rather old fashioned fire, bearing in mind there’s always the dangers of starting an out of control bushfire. In the outback dead wood burns well and has excellent embers. Always good for some old fashioned, timeless entertainment watching those flames when the sun has gone down.