water - how much

It can be a long way between water points in the Outback.

On the Oodnadatta Track it’s 210km from Marree to William Creek and then another 207km to Oodnadatta.

2 days and one night for each section. That’s OK. 15 litres should cover water requirements.

On the Tanami Track it’s 234km of soft, slow, road between the last water tank past Rabbit Flat at the Lajamanu Road turnoff and Billiluna in Western Australia.

There’s no other water supply available along the way. You take it all with you.

That’s 3 days and 2 nights supply required. 25 odd litres each.

When it’s warm you often need 9 litres a day per person. Somewhere along the way you will be able to test your own individual requirements. And then have a little contingency supply.

Umm, that doesn’t include a daily shower.