health - showers


Just joking, but it’s pretty clear sometimes it just isn’t possible to do much in the washing-the-body department. There’s often not too much water around that’s not needed for drinking.

Carrying a flannel, a small washcloth, can be some consolation, where a scrub of the most urgent areas is all that can be achieved.

But you are not the only travellers to have this shower issue to deal with. Long distance truck drivers have compact luxury bathroomless accommodation in the extended cab just behind the front seat. They need showers too.

So a feature of many remote Australian roadhouses is facilities to have a shower. Yippee.

Just front up the roadhouse counter and pay anywhere from 50c to $5 for a sometimes warm stream of water to rinse that dissolvable suntan away.

The removal of the grime can last, well, minutes, until you step out into that heat and dust once again.