slow travel

There’s probably 100,000 people “going around Australia” at any time. There’s blokes in their 90s and there’s people travelling with new born babies. It seems to be what people do here. The roads and caravan parks are filled with overlarge caravans with their own bathrooms and never used ovens and Wicked backpacker vans.

A few do it on a bike.

Those that do often stick to the main highways: Highway 1 around Oz or the Stuart Highway, Adelaide to Darwin. Maybe it’s that time of life when you just want to accomplish some Big Thing.

There’s another option: Slow Travel.

That’s not lazy travel as this website attests, it’s immersion in the richness of experience. It’s a change from having long stretches where the day’s excitement is counting the white dashes in the middle of the road as they pass by, the destination the primary objective.

Forget a day to day life on cruise control, a sleepwalking existence of inhabited caricature.

No need to hide from life behind fears, the need for security or comforts.

Once you get rid of those learnt filters you find a world with all its beautiful and brutal rawness.

Enjoy your life not compromised, not mediated and not second hand.

On ya bike.