bike maintenance - breakdowns and tools

During a long trip things wear out.

That’s an abrasive environment with dust, sand etc, huge distances, sometimes high temperature. Not to mention the bumpy old road.

Things also break.

To have a reasonable level of self reliance what do you need to take? Oh, and it helps if you know how to use them, ie, replace a spoke, add a chain link, etc. You should also know how to adjust the derailleurs as well.

  • bike pump, with volume and high pressure settings

  • 2 x spare thornproof tubes

  • 2 x puncture repair kits

  • a spare foldable tyre, if existing ones are wearing

  • 100mm adjustable spanner (for small bolts)

  • 250mm adjustable spanner (for cassette lock ring removal)

  • Allen keys

  • Leatherman multi tool (with pliers)

  • a second chain (swap over every 2000km)

  • dry lube, (water based wax is good)

  • chain breaker

  • 6 x Shimano chain pins and/or

  • 2 or more x SRAM chain Quicklinks

  • a few spare stainless steel spokes of each length

  • chain whip

  • cassette lock ring removal tool

  • spare gear and brake cables

  • stainless steel hose clamps (assorted sizes)

  • cable ties (a bundle)

  • roll of gaffer tape

  • spare nuts and bolts

  • small rubber sheet (car or bike tyre) for tyre boot