bike bits - mirror

Even out on the less travelled roads a mirror is useful.

Notice that car travelling towards you and then do a quick check to see whether a road train isn’t sneaking up behind as well. That truck and its 100 ton load isn’t going to deviate even for you, honey.

Out on the highway where there’s plenty of traffic they are handy as well.

Those geriatric caravan drivers don’t seem to realise their caravan is considerably wider than the car and can shave on by.

And speaking of shaving most cheapies are almost useless except for that close scrutiny of your face. With too wide an angle of vision even trucks are on your shoulder before they are more than a spot in the reflection.

The Mirrycle mountain bike mirrors are the ultimate for the straight handle bar. Robust with their flat mirror close enough to you to give more than a moment’s warning.

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