bike - seat

The professional riders in the Tour de France ride on rock hard plastic seats. Not much padding for the posterior.

That’s counter intuitive but there’s a good reason.

Rock hard is infinitely more comfortable than squishy over long distances with day after day riding.

Gel seats start to break down as soon as they are installed. Don’t last long in the conditions, then what? (They also can cause problems with a bloke’s prostate and that ain’t good.)

100 years ago there was one option for your boneshaker: leather.

They are still around. Brooks make ‘em out of bulletproof leather, the way they were always made.

After some time, the famous few hundred kilometre break in period, they mould to the specific shape of your own arse.

Then they are as comfortable as. Like sitting in a leather armchair.

But everyone seems to have their own preference.