where to ride

Where to ride?

Answer: anywhere that there isn’t traffic.

Australia is a big continent, bigger than you realise despite the fact that some bike riders like to spend a couple of weeks riding the Perth to Sydney route in one hell of a hurry looking at white lines as they scurry along the highway.

The idea in these circumstances is plan a trip to spend time riding with the conditions favouring your method of travel rather than battling the elements all the way.

There are extremes of weather that are best avoided: the Wet Season in the north, (fancy getting drenched with 430mm of rain in 24 hours); summer in the Centre, (no fun riding in 45ÂșC temperatures on a regular basis); Tasmania mid winter, (it does get cold, wet and miserable down there); into gale force headwinds along the west coast.

The other side of that equation is more positive. It’s great spending the Dry Season, winter for the rest of the country, in the north, (it seldom rains for months on end); autumn has a southerly prevailing wind to help you get north; Tassie is great in summer; etc.

There is enormous choice.